Neighbourhood Guide


Neighbourhood Guide

Kyoto Saga Arashiyama has many attractive places to visit. you can move to sightseeing point in a few minutes on foot.Because Premiere Arashiyama is in the center of Arashiyama,.


You can put your luggage in an inn, eat delicious food, visit sights and visit attractive places.


Hopefully it will be a memorable trip to Kyoto.

World Heritage

Zen temple of Rinzai sect.

You can see the beautiful garden and the dragon in the Hall.


Currently, "Zazen" and "Zen lecture" are held on the second Sunday of every month, and it is open to the public and you can experience.

Sparkling Arashiyama

"Tea soda" shop on the first floor of Premiere Arashiyama.

It is a sparkling tea that can only be drunk here with Sparkling Arashiyama, from stuff like tea leaves to condensed fruits scent, from what is said to be 'champagne of tea'.


Please try and appreciate it.


Jojakukoji Temple is a historic temple founded in 1596.


How about forest healing at Jojakukoji Temple?

Yojiya cafe

Arashiyama store of long-established cosmetics store in Kyoto known as "oil blotting paper".


How about souvenirs unique to Kyoto, enjoying a moment in the cafe?

​% ARABICA Kyoto 

There is a coffee shop specialized in take-out where I went west along the river from Togetsukyo Bridge.


How about temporarily sightseeing?


Speaking of Saga Arashiyama, it is also famous bamboo forest.


It is one of the pleasure to explore by Jinrikisha.

Arriving in bamboo grove in about 10 minutes on foot from Premiere Arashiyama.

Trolley train

We will climb the mountain between Arashiyama and Hozu Gorge slowly at a speed of 25 km / h, so you can enjoy the nature along the Hozu River and the beauty of the valley.


It is a very good season to go through the cherry blossoms tunnel in the coming cherry blossom season.

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Premiere Arashiyama


6-2 2F  Tukurimichi-cho Sagatenryuji Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi

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